Monday, January 24, 2011

a case of mistaken identity

a typical south-indian can be merely a kannada, telugu, tamil or a malyali...not just a tamilian

as famously said..ek telugu aur tamil main itna farak hain..jitba ek punjabi aur bihari main...

to b contd...

my new fascination

well of late i have given a lot of tym...going down the pages of past...n trust me it was fascinating knowing few are the excerpts from the study..

egyptian, indus, maya civilizations..
greeks and hellenic periods..rise of macedonian kings..alexander the great of greece....his conquests..his advanced military capabilities..
ashoka the great ..advancement of buddhist beliefs further east.. rise of mauryan empire..unification of india..
death of alexander..his satraps..seleucus nicator..indo-greeks...
rise of rome,downfall of greece....resemblences between greek paganism and hinduism...rise of christianity..pagans suppressed ..exile of jews..from alexandria..death of hypatia..death of mark anthony,cleopatra..augustus emperor of romans...
birth of islam...peak of abrahamic religions...rise and conquests of islam..arrival into india...spreading across iran, north west africa...and further west till turkey..crusades..fall of constantinople..
mughals in india..akbar the great..survival of hinduism. finally the ..wars fought on the name of gods..
n yeah bismark, unification of germany..causes of world war1...
rise of hitler, nazi germany...france defeated..englands survival..role of united states..japan's intrests in east..disintegration of austria n hungary empire..
rise of china n ussr...cold war..bipolar world..india's post independence era..n its relatively successful story..crisin in indian sub continent..from pak(internal terror),bangladesh(human rights), mayanmar(dictatorship), srilanka(ltte)...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

der was a boy...der was a gal.....

aaah now how do i start...hmmmmmmmmmm...

like a setting sun amid clusterd clouds

a hoarding stood between us, me n her!

my eyes were searching for her

eager to see the god's gift for life

time stood still,seconds seemed ages!

then it happened, it appeared a dream

there she was, the first glance

left me in oblivion, the moment

dreamt all along, was rite der

bestowed upon me by herself

never felt that way before

no one made me feel the way! she did

she walked towards me with a smile

she was clad in that white attire

with those fairy long ear rings

she is the one, looking angel likes

i was in love with the most

beautiful gal, with a golden heart

i was lost in her charm/smile

words were falling short, i managed

to say 'you are pretty' whilst was

lost in a world of very own, two of us!

sitting beside her a realisation

how grateful iam, how graceful she is!!!

de were made for each other....hmmm;;)8->(fiction part-2)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

101 truths bout me

1. Last beverage? hot r hard stuff for me:o
2. Last phone call? sen,my sister
3. Last text message? sima my friend
4. Last song you listened to? random telugu song..
5. Last time you cried? hmmmmm 2weeks ago remembering someone..bfr dat it had been ages..
6. Dated someone second time?..nooo
7. Been cheated on? yeah
8. Kissed someone & regretted it? hell yeah(xmas kiss with my 60yr
9. Lost someone special? no...thank god for that!
10. Been depressed? atyms
11. Been drunk and threw up? not really ..ya mayb once!:P

1. Blue
2. Black
3. sky blue
4. orange

13. Made new friends? Yeah always! am naturally ..very friendly:p
14. Fallen out of love? hm not really
15. Laughed until you cried? yeahh laughed like hell...lastly when i spoke to my best friend about my skool days escapades!
16. Met someone who changed you? YEAH i tend to get inspired from everytn dats good,but hardly hang on to there are very few who really inspired me...sen,lavs,sandeep!
17. Found out who your true friends were? Yes i did..n felt gd about it
18. Found out someone was talking about you? ooh they cant be blamed ..jealousy u c:p
19. Kissed anyone on your friend's list? naaah
20. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life?..almost all..hv made few ol frns who r so dear aswell..
21. How many kids do you want to have? ...hmm neva tht about it.but.not more dan 2..india needs population control!!my contribution:p
22. Do you have any pets?no neva got a chance..but i wud like to hav,dogs,horses!!,birds.not all one among em but..i prefer they hv a natural habitat so..dono nt sure
23. Do you want to change your name? hmm nope!
24. What did you do for your last birthday? ul not believe it but i went on a pilgrimage!!to srikalahasti..had few gd memoirs..from temple streets!..hmm no big celebrations..which am lookin forward to hv dis tym around
25. What time did you wake up today?I my system has been al corrupted recently due to exams i slept at 8am in morning n wokeup at half past 12!
26. What were you doing at midnight last night? work! so had dinner at frns place..n laughed cutting jokes about each other!
27. Name something you CANNOT wait for : i hate waiting for anything n any1:p..cos am always neva had a reason to wait for anytn in it my frns,proffs,managers(had to explain each single time dou:P) all wait for partiality:p
28. Last time you saw your father? this wud have been a nonsense question 4months bak..wud have said tday morning..but its a while now..i miss home..hmm
29. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? what iam..da way iam,it comes as a package;p
30. Most visited webpage? Orkut,,facebook,,wikipedia,azlyrics, wud b lyin if i say ieee:p


31. What's your name? mani ram palanki..
32. Nicknames? ram,jun,mani,ramzin,knight:P(virtual kingdom/orkut),ramy,dega,recently named after a vegetable!!...n few more which i dont prefer mentionin..
33. Relationship Status? SINGLE !! for now..:p..
34. Zodiac sign? pisces
35. Male or female or transgendered? male.
36. Elementary school? sidhartha public skool,hyderabad
37. High School? naagarjuna high skool!
38. Colleges? guru nanak eng. college,hyd..uni of the west of england,bristol
39. Hair color? Black.
40. Long or short? il cal it tall:p
41. Height? 6'' huhuh!
42. Do you have a crush on someone?.crush ya skool ki hai...par abh ni hai
43: Ever been in love? tricky!!
44. Piercings?nope
45. Tattoos? I love them, maybe in near future!
46. Righty or lefty? Righty...wanted to be ambidextrous but eventually convinced myself its better to master one..instead being jack of all!

47. First surgery? not yet!
48. First piercing?nope
49. First best friends?k.sandeep,Ashwin rangarajan,sirisha..hav no contacts with any1 of em..but part of my gd memoirs again..
50. First sport you joined: anyother indian middleclass was introduced to me in streets:p when i was hardly 8-10
51. First pet? a smalll fish,hen i used to play with when kid!
52. First vacation? my dad's/mom's native place i guess..fertile lands on banks of river godavari..where am a complete stranger!..but awesome place
53. First concert? hmm skool annual days r college youth fests! if u count em in!
54. First crush: skool frnd...who recently got married:p...sad not
55. Last date? hmm had never been on a date officially..its not in our culture:p
56. If in a relationship, who proposed to whom? no idea! hm
57. Present best friends? sima
58. Last vacation? a 3day vacation in london for new year..was awesome
59. Given a chance to settle anywhere on earth, where would you go? hmm it changes from time to time...before it was mumbai! now i wud want newyork for a while maybe:p..but end of the day hyderabad anytime..cheers:D
60. Biggest fear? hmmm non stick pans as in form of a gift! okie on a serious note hmm fear of loosing some1 close..i dont want that at allllllllllll..hv seen very closely how painful it wilbe!
61. Last fist fight: i rarely get into!!:p..ok if u insist!!...with my
62. Craziest thing you ever did in your life? did a lot of crazy things in my an international english based exam for a friend on his behalf!!(huh HAA SO U THT U DID DA CRAZIEST THIN HAA:P)...i neva regret anytn but one...crashin my dad's car:p
63. Hidden talents? they are better hidden...
64. The best moments of life? skool lyf,,frns bak den bring smile on my face instantly..even my gang n da crazy memoirs of engineering life! included.....for 8months when my sister flew down to hyderabad just cos i was there when she was on da verge of breakdown! moments
65. Things you'd like to change about yourself? hmm nothinh much..maybe my puntuality,seriousness bout da thins dat shd be dealt wid..accordingly
66. Party animal or couch potato? in between..depends on my mood
67. How do you like to spend weekends? sleep late..wakeup,shopping wid friends. partyin atyms
68. Hobbies? movies,musicccc,,,cricket...writing...reading few of very gd books
69. Latest movie you watched?om shanti om first bollywood film in uk on air....for me:p
70. If your girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on you, what would you do? I will give her a second chance. Life is all about making mistakes!
71. The most embarrassing and the most proud moment of your life? Embarrassing--i slept on a acquaintance's shoulder in plane ,till here it was fyn haa:p..n was showed dat video by her..mann dat was embarrassing:p

72. Eating? Nope
73. Drinking? Nope
74. I'm about to? write a my gd frnd who is gettin married day after tomro..wishing her al da best
75. Listening to? dil se ek awaaz aati hain- sona
76. Waiting for? hmm fr my results..

77. Want kids?..hmm din think bout it..but nt more dan 2,my contribution to indian population control!
78. Want to get married? abhi picture baaki hai mere dost! aur bahut tym hai
79. Careers in mind? a telecom/mobile comm. engineer
80. Lips or eyes? Eyes...shd b like spending a lyftym watching em
81. Hugs or kisses?..a hug
82. Shorter or taller? in between...
83. Older or Younger? my age
84. Romantic or spontaneous? Romantically spontaneous
85. Nice stomach or nice arms? uhuh arms
86. Sensitive or loud? sensitive.....
87. Hook-up or relationship? Relationship leading to a future !!
88. Trouble maker or hesitant? Trouble maker better

89. Kissed a stranger? ??!!?!?!??nnaahh
90. Lost glasses/contacts? like evry otherthin
91. Sex on first date? Hell no!
92. Broken someone's heart? intentionally neva
93. Had your own heart broken? hmm no
94. Been arrested? No encounters used to b wid traffic personal normally fr no license..
95. Turned someone down? Yeah!
96. Cried when someone died? yeah...
97. Liked a friend that is a girl?...yeah i did just liked

98. Yourself? Yes i do!
99. Miracles? yeah
100. Love at first sight? not actually it mite trigger somtn bigger who knows.
101. Heaven? mayb
102. Santa Clause? yeah sure
103. Kiss on the first date?...hmm peck on cheek nothing less or
104. Angels? how cant among em:p
105. God? - ya...a supernatural force above us..wid different names
106. Devils - there is a saying if god does devil...but to b true i dono..never seen 1
107. Is there one person you want to be with right now? really not sure..
108. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? No
109. Wanted to kill someone ever? - nope maybe my hindi teacher in 8th grade!..she used to hate me:p
110. Wanted to steal your friend's boyfriend / girlfriend? - LOL NO
111. Posting this as 111 Truths? Yes. everything is truthful,, u hv my word

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ek anjaan ladki(joh mujhe achi lagi) ko dekha toh aisa lagaaaa:d.............<.on da eve of her bday..>

it was ur bday, it was ur bday

i didnt even knew,how ironic

how pathetic,you din bother to

lemme know,oh wait aint ur

fault!maybe we r'nt that

close now,but lemme tell you

something dellilah,in my surreal

world you are right besdie me

all the while,close ur eyes hold

my hand and get wet in this

rain of love for once! iam

already drenched!! oh dellilah!

come away with me just you n me

far far away from here,i promise

i'l make you smile!!make u feel

special from rest of da slot!

it wud be a memorable day

to remember,never forgotten

i wish its gonna be ur next birthday!!

oh dellilah....dellilah oooooh!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

set out with a numb mind
a journey to a strange land
bonvoyages along wid a hand
ful of memories,lil curious and
a lil doubtful,thoughts beyond
comprehensions,leaving behind
few dear ones,caught amid
conflicting emotions,i reached
the destination,welcomed
by three acquaintances!

god knows what lies ahead
now these are supposed
to be my family indeed!
hardly a week,i have friends
to feel home,shallow spaces
are filled with new faces
as if i knew them for ages
so here iam with new hopes
shedding off all the creepers
putting aside my inhibitions
here i come bristol!it seems
it was al written!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

allurin rain~~~

it comes down like a shower
of blessings,clad in the rigorous
days of sun it descends
to satiate a seeds thirst
to accede a small girl's wish
to soothe a peasants scourge!!

like the heavens have come
to the mother of mortals!
when the first drops bestow
upon us soaking us in its
sheer bliss, god's way
of benevolence,it is seen
everywhere from blossoming
flowers to blooming meadows
portraying the attire of mother

in the cheerful shrills of children
in the leaping frogs
in the dancing peacocks
the soul of life comes
alive,here comes the long awaited
the most
alluring of all, drenching us
in the almighty's tears of joy!
here comes the rain!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~